I go to school in Portsmouth, NH at The Robert J. Lister Academy, I have a mission to go to Costa Rica! The reason for this mission is first of all I decided to take a class all about Costa Rica and believe me it's no walk in the park on a sunny day. I have to fund raise $1800.00 for myself. I am currently studying tourism for when I get to Costa Rica. Everything about Costa Rica is so amazing to me, I love animals, nature, adventure, and the travel. For myself this trip is a once in a life time chance. The reason the trip is a once in a life time chance for me is because I don't come from a wealthy family at all so it really cuts what I get to do.

This trip could even be life changing to myself as well as others in my class. I have always loved the outdoors and animals so its amazing that I get to do something like this and pursue my dreams. Before this year i have always been a slacker in school, this year really changed me and my teachers really showed me to be mature and do what I want to do. I really want to have more knowledge on the Costa Rican culture, lifestyle, and just live the life of the Costa Rican for 10 days. As of right now we have already started to fund raise by having a car wash, gardening at our school, held a booth at the Stratham fair (and met Gov. John Lynch), we raffled a laptop. If you would like to donate to our class, or to myself please contact my email. mshattuck.student@gmail.com
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Chapter 2

In chapter two I got lost and confused a lot due to the historical references. I was never really good with history so it was very easy for me to get lost. Besides all of this I did make a couple of self connection to Wolf's words. The first connection I made to this whole chapter was Wolf's school Organic was a hands on school like my school Robert J. Lister Academy. Another connection to myself was I love my parents and family more than ANYTHING in the whole universe. When I read the part about how his mother died, then soon after his father died from a hemorrhage in the brain I cried. I cried because I thought 'what if' and when that day does come, which I wish would NEVER come I just don't know what I would ever do!

Back in the day is not as similar as now a days. Back then guys would be polite when asking a girl on a date. "I decided to send Lucky a note to see if we could get together at some social do." In the 21st century its a whole lot different. Now when guys ask girls out on a date it more like ''Hey baby your cute lets' go get something to eat and watch a movie." It just seems like there isn't as much respect for one another like there use to be, there is more and more disrespect for both men and women. Wolf mentioned how he got imprisoned for his self opinion basically because the laws use to be when you turn 18 you have to sign up to be in the military and there was a possible chance to get drafted to war. Since Wolf and his family are Quakers they do not believe in war and violence.

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  1. Mariah,

    It is often a good thing to make connections with a character in a book. We can then explore parts of ourselves by saying, "Would I react the same way the character did in this situation?" Just like when you asked yourself, 'what if?' when Wolf lost his parents.