I go to school in Portsmouth, NH at The Robert J. Lister Academy, I have a mission to go to Costa Rica! The reason for this mission is first of all I decided to take a class all about Costa Rica and believe me it's no walk in the park on a sunny day. I have to fund raise $1800.00 for myself. I am currently studying tourism for when I get to Costa Rica. Everything about Costa Rica is so amazing to me, I love animals, nature, adventure, and the travel. For myself this trip is a once in a life time chance. The reason the trip is a once in a life time chance for me is because I don't come from a wealthy family at all so it really cuts what I get to do.

This trip could even be life changing to myself as well as others in my class. I have always loved the outdoors and animals so its amazing that I get to do something like this and pursue my dreams. Before this year i have always been a slacker in school, this year really changed me and my teachers really showed me to be mature and do what I want to do. I really want to have more knowledge on the Costa Rican culture, lifestyle, and just live the life of the Costa Rican for 10 days. As of right now we have already started to fund raise by having a car wash, gardening at our school, held a booth at the Stratham fair (and met Gov. John Lynch), we raffled a laptop. If you would like to donate to our class, or to myself please contact my email. mshattuck.student@gmail.com
or you can contact my teach Bryan Mascio at

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chapter 5

On page 55 I saw that since the 1990's A.T.Vs, horses, bicycles, even motorcycles took over the roads. Kids were walking to school instead of getting driven, they just didn't really use cars for transportation as much in that terrain, due to cautions. There are cautions because parts of the roads fall apart, and most of the roads are dirt. I think it would be strange for people to just start using A.T.Vs and such because we don't have a bad terrain or all dirt roads , cracked and just parts of roads missing. I work at the Haunted Acres NH, next to New England Dragway, and they have a motocross track, my brother was thinking about going riding there. There are so many tracks, clubs, and trails for motocross and just to ride around on.

Ever since I was around 9 years old I have been riding dirt bikes, four wheelers, three wheelers, and just going out and having fun. I feel like its just so exhilarating to be out in a field just bombing around not really worrying about school and other stressful stuff. I also love the rain, and it rains a lot in Costa Rica. The rain also makes it a harder terrain for people to drive cars and trucks on the roads because of the narrowness on the mountains. In Costa Rica there is no technical summer and winter, because summer just means that its when it rains more, and winter is the dry season(somewhat). I was doing some research about volunteers that go Costa Rica like Wolf. I found this ----->CLICK HERE<------

If you would like to help and donate money to myself, or our class please contact me (Mariah) at mshattuck.student@gmail.com or my teacher Bryan Mascio at bmascio@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
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